Sumibu has 4 characters that consistently appear in designs and imagery. We have Terrence, the living skeleton (grim reaper), Terry, the childlike version of Terrence, Maceo, the alien, and Devon, the little devil with a conscience.

  • The alien from an unknown planet, extraterrestrial to Earth. He represents the constant learning and development of new knowledge and skills in new environments and situations.

  • The living skeleton whose ethnicity, age, and human appearance are unknown. Terrence represents the similarities of humanity, the essence. It doesn't matter how you look or where you come from. On the inside, we are all the same.

  • A young adult with a demonic appearance, yet with a halo on his head like an angel. He represents how life has two sides, the good and the bad, alias: Good vs. Evil.

  • The childlike version of Terrence. He represents the inner child in everyone, seeing the world as it is, in its purest form, without any prejudices or biased knowledge.