• T-Shirts · Longsleeves

    • Machine wash at 30°C

    (1 dot, ●)

    • Iron on low

    • Avoid dry cleaning or using solvents

    • Do not tumble dry or bleach

  • Hoodies · Sweaters

    • Machine wash at 30°C

    (1 dot, ●)

    • Iron on low

    • Avoid dry cleaning or using solvents

    • Do not tumble dry or bleach

  • Socks

    • Separate your socks from other laundry items.

    • Turn your socks inside-out to effectively clean dirt and sweat.

    • Use a washing machine with cold water and a gentle cycle.

    • Use a mild detergent for washing.

    • After washing, turn your socks right-side out.

    • Hang your socks to dry instead of using a dryer.

    • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent color fading and damage.

  • kross kata trunks black white front


    • Machine wash at 30°C (1 dot, ●)

    • Iron on low

    • Avoid dry cleaning or using solvents

    • Do not tumble dry or bleach

  • Kabuki Bomb Jacket

    • Turn inside out.

    • Use a "Neutral Detergent."

    • Choose the "Hand Wash Mode" on your laundry machine.

    • Gently reshape the jacket.

    • Air dry it in a shaded area.

  • Kabuki Bomb Spencer

    • Machine wash at 30°C.

    • Professional dry clean recommended.

    • Avoid dry cleaning or cleaning with solvents.

    • Do not tumble dry.

    • Do not bleach.

  • Campus Varsity Jacket

    Dry Clean Only!

  • On Froze Garments

    • Turn your garment inside out.

    • Use cold water only.

    • Wash on a gentle cycle (normal cycle for front loaders).

    OR wash by hand.

    • Avoid using pre-wash products on or around the rhinestones, as some can soften the glue.

How to Wash and Care for Your Sumibu Denim

The entire suit, including the trousers, is made of Raw Denim (also known as Dry or Unwashed Denim). This means that after dyeing, the fabric has not undergone any treatments such as washing, stonewashing, or any other processes. As a result, the fabric is stiffer and has a deeper, darker color compared to regular jeans. You will need to wear the trousers in to achieve your desired fit.

The reason we at Sumibu chose Raw Denim (and why Raw Denim is popular) is because, over time, it develops its own personality with prolonged wear. Regular wear will create unique wear patterns and fades that reflect your lifestyle.

Therefore, it is a special product that requires different care than you might be used to. Here are a few tips for breaking in your trousers!

Wear your trousers regularly

Wearing your Raw Denims regularly is important for softening the fabric and shaping it to your body. Try to wear them daily as part of your normal clothing routine.

Avoid washing in the beginning

For the first few months, you should avoid washing your Raw Denim. This allows the fabric to develop more wear patterns and fades.

Engage in light activities

Perform activities that cause movement and friction, such as walking, cycling, or simply moving around. This helps stretch the fabric and shape it to your body.

Roll up the trouser legs

Rolling up the trouser legs creates friction between the fabric layers. This can help create natural wear patterns and fades on the rolled-up parts. Plus, you will see the custom Sumibu embroidery on the Selvedge.

Be patient

Breaking in Raw Denim takes time. It can take several months before the fabric starts to feel comfortable and begins to show the desired fading. With patience, you will get your own unique Sumibu Denim!